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Summer Camp
Payment Options
• Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit/debit card are accepted on
• To pay by check or cash, please visit your selected camp location to register during the facility’s regular hours of operation beginning Sunday, March 5.
camp sessions can be reserved ONLINE by East Baton Rouge Parish residents with a 50% payment of total session fees through Friday, April 28. Beginning Saturday, April 29, full payments for summer camp sessions are required at the time of registration. Other arrangements may be made by going into the camp location where you would like to register. Full payment must be received by the Thursday prior to camp.
SCHOLARSHIPS: East Baton Rouge Parish residents can apply for scholarship opportunities ONLINE with a 50% pre-payment of total session fees and by filling out the scholarship request form available during registration. Mark the “interested in scholarship”
box to access the request form. BREC may provide scholarship assistance of 50% of the total fee due to those families who qualify by providing documentation of filed 2022 Federal Tax form 1040 or current SNAP benefits. The 2022 filed Tax Form must have the name of the person registering the camper(s) and it must have the camper(s) listed as dependents. Line 1 of
the tax form must meet the federal/state poverty guidelines to qualify. To qualify using SNAP, proof
of current benefits must be documented with the name of the person registering camper(s) and have the camper(s) names listed as dependents. Once a completed request and all correct documentation has been received you will be notified within ten business days if it has been accepted. For more information or questions regarding hardship assistance please email
- Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis until funds are no longer available.
- Scholarships are not available for Baton Rouge Zoo and Tennis Camp sessions
Summer Camp Refunds
Registrants must request all refunds on a 2023 Summer Camp Refund form which can be downloaded at or picked up at your summer camp location. Completed forms must be emailed to
If a registrant requests a refund more than 10 business days prior to the start of the session, BREC will issue the full session fee minus a $15 transaction fee. If a registrant requests a refund 10 business days or less from the start of the session, BREC will not issue a refund. All checks must clear the bank before BREC processes any refunds. BREC does not issue a refund for any session already in progress. Please allow 3-4 weeks for BREC to issue a refund after the refund form has been submitted. Addresses must be legible and
up to date to avoid any delay with the refund process.
Refunds will be distributed to the payee named on the BREC summer camp payment receipt.
All campers with a diagnosed disability must undergo an assessment with a BREC Adaptive staff member. The assessment must be completed prior to starting camp. Assessments are essential for our campers to have a successful experience at camp. Assessments are required prior to registration for all Sunshine Camps.
Assessments are held in person at Nairn Drive Park Mondays / Jan. 23-May 10 / 3:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesdays / March 6-May 10 / 3:30-5:30 p.m. No assessments will be held on Feb. 20
After May 10 assessments are by appointment only. No assessments will be scheduled between June 5-9. To set up an assessment or for questions, email
Camp BREC Bus Stops
This summer, Camp BREC is offering a brand-new transportation service for all Community Recreation camps to assist parents and guardians in getting
their campers to the main camp location. Each camp location will offer one to three bus stops at nearby BREC parks for drop off and pick up each morning and evening of camp. Bus Stop locations will be chosen during the camp registration process but can be altered after the start of camp. Parents and guardians will be required to stay with his or her camper until the bus and camp counselor arrives for pick up.
For more information and details on the Camp BREC Bus Stops visit or email

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