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Our Partners
Baton Roots Community Farm The Walls Project
First Tee
The First Tee uses the game of golf to teach youth life lessons and leadership skills. Sessions include a fun, group setting for youth ages 7 to 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Teaming up with experts in positive youth development, The First Tee helps youth become good golfers and even better people.
Front Yard Bikes
BREC's Terrace Street Park is home to Front Yard Bikes, an amazing organization that offers safe, free after-school programs that teach and develop hands-on skills in math, physics, mechanics, and much more while also promoting inclusivity, mentorship, recreation and academic achievement. Front Yard Bikes' programs are motivated by compassion for kids from low-income families that are willing to work for what they get.
Gardere Initiative
The Gardere Initiative, located adjacent to BREC's Hartley-Vey Gardere Park, provides children and families throughout the Gardere Community with fundamental services and resources that are otherwise unavailable to them through spiritual intervention, local partnerships, and selfless volunteering. The Gardere Initiatives works closely with BREC to hosts different events and activities within BREC's Hartley-Vey Gardere Park for residents of the Gardere Community. BREC also provides free internet services for participants enrolled in Gardere Initiative programs and activities.
Knock Knock Children’s Museum
Knock Knock Children’s Museum, located in City-Brooks Community Park, opens doors to the exciting world of early learning, discovery and hands on exploration through specific activities woven through 18 unique Learning Zones. Designed for children age 0 to 8, the museums Learning Zones create “teachable moments” that connect children’s every day experiences to learning.
Knock Knock Children’s Museum offers exciting and educational camps focused on arts and science that teach children through exciting, hands-on exploration and discovery. Each camp is taught by an expert instructor and includes unique learning experiences through fun, purposeful play.
Team Sportsplex
Team Automotive Group, the Baton Rouge Basketball and Volleyball Association (BBRVA) and BREC partnered to build
a 30,000 square-foot recreational complex in the heart
of Perkins Road Community Park. It is the largest indoor basketball facility in Baton Rouge and the largest indoor volleyball facility in Louisiana. It is also used for BREC summer camps, cheerleading competitions and recreation activities
for seniors
Baton Roots Community Farm is located in BREC's Howell Community Park, in the middle of a food desert, through
a partnership with the Walls Project and the Mayor's HealthyBR Initiative. The farm blends access to fresh food, skill-development, socialization and art into one location. Baton Roots Community Farm brings an opportunity for the East Baton Rouge Parish community to learn best practices in sustainable agriculture on an urban farm.
Baton Rouge Gallery, a brec facility
Baton Rouge Gallery – center for contemporary art (BRG) facility, is housed in BREC’s historic City-Brooks Community Park. The non-profit art gallery hosts new monthly contemporary exhibits featuring professional artists with an opening reception on the first Wednesday of each month. BRG also offers a wealth of cultural programming that brings visitors face-to-face with contemporary art across disciplines including film, poetry, dance and more.
Baton Rouge Soccer Club
Through a successful cooperative endeavor agreement, BREC and Baton Rouge Soccer Club have been able to offer quality soccer facilities and programming to the Greater Baton Rouge Area. BRSC has developed and implemented high quality recreational programs for youth of all ages, premier soccer for the player who seeks high-level competition, assessable soccer for people with disabilities, and adult leagues for men and women from age 19 to senior citizen. BREC has developed, built, and maintained first class dedicated soccer facilities
at the 22 field Burbank Soccer Complex, and the seven field Independence Park Complex. With over 6,500 members, BRSC and BREC have been the recognized leaders in the expansion of soccer as the fastest growing team sport in the Baton Rouge community.
Boys + Girls Club
BREC's Alaska Street Park is home to a Boys and Girls Club after-school program that promotes academic success, character and leadership, and healthy living in youth ages 7-18.
Central Area Youth League
Through a cooperative endeavor agreement, BREC and Central Area Youth League (CAYL) offer quality baseball and soccer facilities and programming to the Central Area at BREC's Central Sportsplex.

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