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  Highland Road Park
Summer Camps
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In this introduction, children will first experience the concepts of enormous distances and incredibly lengthy time periods. They begin to learn the characteristics of different planets and
moons and prepare themselves for the higher-level sessions. Session 2: June 10-14
Session 8: July 22-26
Ages 6-7
This session is for the more advanced campers who are just starting to reach the age of independent astronomical study. AstroPro campers, each summer are both just starting in the
skygazing hobby and continuing an interest obtained years earlier. This camp will focus on expanding their skills and knowledge, opening the door for more programming curated for AstroPros ages eight to ten.
Session 1: June 3-7 Session 4: June 24-28 Session 6: July 8-12 Session 9: July 29-Aug. 2 Ages 8-10
Force of Nature Explorers This one-week-only session focuses on the four forces of nature: the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, gravity, and the electromagnetic spectrum (gamma rays,
x-rays, ultraviolet, color, infrared, microwaves and radio). Campers will investigate the spacecraft and instruments studying these forces, perform indoor and outdoor experiments demonstrating the presence of these forces in our lives and build basic devices connected to these inquiries! There will be special guests throughout the week to explain the process for obtaining an Amateur Radio Service license.
Lunar Explorers
This one-week-only session focuses on accomplishments of Lunar Explorers! There will be simulated moondust, overviews of transcripts and audio from actual Moon landings, and
previews of actual human beings headed back to the Moon, then on to Mars...
Session 7: July 15-19 Ages 11-13
 Session 3: June 17-21
Ages 11-13
S U MIM E R C A M P 18
Activity #231180
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
$125 per EBR Parish resident $150 per out-of-parish resident
To register: Registration limited to one session per child.
More info: 225-768-9948

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