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Session 7: July 8-12
Tales of Tails / Ages: 5-7
Have you ever stopped to think about why we eat cereal endorsed by tigers and toucans, or why we cheer for a football team with a loveable elephant mascot? Animals are a huge source of inspiration for human stories, inventions, logos and more. Campers will spend some time considering the symbolic representation and cultural importance of various iconic animals in our everyday lives.
Keeper Kamp / Ages: 11-13
Do you have what it takes to be a zookeeper? Join us at Keeper Kamp and find out! Campers will get to see behind- the-scenes action of what goes into keeping our animals happy and healthy. They’ll take part in making healthy diets, providing enrichment, and more as they learn what it means to be a zookeeper.
Session 8: July 15-19
Clockwise / Ages: 5-7
Most people go from sunrise to sunset, with work hours
of nine to five. If you’re an animal, your schedule may be different! Many animals certainly benefit from sleeping and waking at “odd” hours of the day. Campers will pick apart how an animal’s daily routine may differ from their own.
Happy Feet / Ages: 8-10
Flippers, fins, and everything feet. Just like you may wear different shoes for different activities, animals' feet are adapted for specific purposes. They help nutria swim, hawks hunt, and cheetahs run. Learn all about the different ways animals get moving in their environment in this week’s feature on feet!
Session 9: July 22-26
Native Neighbors / Ages: 5-7
Here in Louisiana, we live amongst a wide variety of wildlife. Campers will learn about where to find our native neighbors and what roles they play in our environment as they meet an array of species that can be found in our backyards if you know where to look.
We All Live Downstream / Ages: 8-10
Campers will get to explore aquatic life in oceans, rivers, lakes, and swamps. They’ll learn how all pathway ways lead to the ocean and how important water is to all living beings, including us!
Session 10: July 29-Aug. 2
In This Corner / Ages: 5-7
Claws. Teeth. Strength. Speed. Camouflage. In the day-to-day battle for survival, campers will look at what skills and characteristics animals bring to the ring, and may be able to answer that age-old question: Who would win in a fight?
Nature Thought of it First / Ages: 8-10
Think you have a great invention? Then come to camp and
see how your ideas stand up against Mother Nature’s. Velcro, cleats, camouflage, and airplanes are some things that we use every day, but did you know that these things were inspired by common instances in nature? Campers will identify where the ideas for many of our best inventions originated.
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Early drop off 7:30-9 a.m. / Late pick up 4-5:30 p.m. No additional fee
$130 for EBR parish residents
$152 for out-of-parish residents
Pre-registration is required
Registration begins Feb. 24 for EBR Parish residents + March 5 for out-of parish residents
To register:
More info: 225-775-3877 Option 5
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